Our firm works in architecture, interior design and design. We use these creative disciplines in a perfect symbiosis to achieve customised spaces that feel like ‘home’. We seek architectural solutions that yield spaces where people become the focal point. Lighting, materials, and accessories take on vital importance in each of the creative disciplines and complement what seems to be simple architecture but what has really been meticulously thought out to encompass a whole.

At WIT, we believe that interacting with the client is an essential part of the process, which goes from understanding their needs and dreams to laying down on paper the first strokes of the sketch plan to later develop innovative and bespoke ideas. With this fluid and organic approach, we achieve spaces that invite us to live in them.

At WIT, sustainability is part of the design method integrated into our creative process. Good projects are inherently efficient and coherent with their environs. A good design for a building, space, or object is sustainable from the very first stroke.