Ingenuity and creativity

WIT is an architecture, interior design and design firm founded in Barcelona in 2016 by Carla Navas, interior decorator and designer, and Victor Molina, architect. Both have studied and gained professional experience in Europe and the United States, and are supported in their firm by a multidisciplinary team of young collaborators with a strong creative spirit.

Our firm is defined by its perfect fusion of the sober Anglo-Saxon nature and the spontaneity of Mediterranean style. As a result, we generate dualities, such as precision and freshness, rigor and creative freedom, from the adaptability demonstrated by each new project.

We consider ourselves to be ‘tectonics’, loyal to the earth, she who dictates the most authentic, sober, and functional materials and purest forms. We then apply these resources in a precise way, as they are the keys to making a building, an interior or an object of design shine.

At WIT, we back the motto ‘We Innovate Together’. In other words: we work as a team to find ingenious and innovative solutions.